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Welcome to Makeonomics! An Occupational Therapist’s vision for creating a safe space for children and young adults to develop a love for machining, creating, and working collaboratively. Makeonomics explores the therapeutic as well as the economic benefits of making!

Why Makeonomics? We combine technical training through the lens of occupational therapy, which means we are highly skilled in analyzing tasks and creating workstations to meet individual needs. We also understand that teaching skills is only one part of instilling a maker mindset. Social-emotional needs must be understood and met. All Makeonomics projects are empathy-based. Group processing of activities provide opportunities to explore project choices while promoting meaningful and supportive dialogue with group members.

We love when academic goals can be connected to vocational development and social-emotional wellness. By using recycled industrial waste we demonstrate how therapeutic occupations can emphasize sustainability, restoration of function, and personal growth.