Our OT Labs infuse academic content and social-emtional learning with current trends in design and manufacturing. We recognize the vital link between mental wellness and vocational preparedness . Our practices are intentional, ambitious, occupation-centered, and anchored in research!

Are you a maker? We started a Facebook Group solely for Makers and Creatives! https://www.facebook.com/groups/networkofmakersandcreatives/

Laser engraved Formica and cold-processed soap w/ up-cycled fabric

Our methods? We use task analysis, standardized assessments, skills training/problem solving, and work-station specific protocols. Participants are encouraged to take emotional risks, identify interests and values, create patterns of behavior that are in alignment with their values. How do we operate on a shoestring budget? We work with local businesses who donate beautiful stone, wood and fabric, allowing us to promote entrepreneurship, sustainability, vocational skill development, and personal growth.