First Makeonomics Tutorial: Wood-Turning made easy!!

A mini-lathe is an amazing simple machine for most settings to address academic and pre-vocational goals, develop perseverance, grit and creativity with the added benefit of producing unique pieces of functional art that can be used, shared, or sold!

Check out this AMAZING video tutorial created by our OTA intern, Andrew! Intrigued but still have questions? Shoot us an e-mail!

Because of the numerous therapeutic and economic benefits of woodturning, the mini-lathe has the distinct honor of holding the top spot and our first tutorial and video demonstration on Makeonomics!

Students in our school-based practice have a wide variety of physical, emotional and cognitive impairments. Occupational therapists receive advanced training in breaking down tasks into smaller component parts to assist clients in exploring new activities, acquiring skills, and achieving goals.

Andrew, our current OTA intern from Macomb Community College created a very thorough task analysis to help makers, therapists, and educators bring this Makeonomics favorite a reality in their practice setting or home. Check it out!

An additional advantage of a thorough task analysis is the vast amount of data that can be used to support proposals for grant funding and help to provide written justifications for administrator considering this as a programming alternative in an educational or therapy setting.

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