Maker Spaces: Sew much to do, Sew little time!

Zach Zitkin with weighted blanket created with students in OT for a student in OT

Sewing machines are a maker space favorite for good reason. The first electric sewing machine was developed in 1889 and Gandhi called sewing machines “One of the few useful things ever invented”. Sewing machines are versatile, relatively portable, and highly gradable tools for meeting a variety of sensory, motor, academic, and pre-vocational goals with clients.

Interested in writing a grant or learning ways sewing can complement your maker space? Check out this thorough activity analysis created by our OT intern from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Intrigued?? Here is a very user friendly instructional video by Andrew, a talented OTA intern on how to thread and operate a basic machine to create a simple pillow. Created for beginners!

Once you are comfortable with basic sewing an entire world of possibilities becomes accessible to you and your students/clients! This is a fabric marble maze figit embroidered and personalized with scanned signature of our student!!

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