Cricut Maker: Excellent choice for OT Makers and Educators!

We have been so pleased with the addition of the Cricut maker in our OT makerspace. It continues to be a favorite workstation for students and interns. Here are just a few reasons to consider digital die cutting in your OT practice or educational setting.

  1. Portability: At around 20 pounds, the Cricut maker can be stored and transported on a rolling cart or taken on the road for traveling makers. You can even use the Cricut to create storage options for pens and accessories as shown below!
  2. Flexibility: The Cricut cuts a wide variety of materials: Paper, leather, very thin wood, heat transfer and sign vinyl, and fabric to name a few.
  3. Relative ease of use: With the help of generous makers on YouTube and the membership options for importing designs and patterns through Cricut Access, there is no shortage of training and support to get you started.
  4. Easy to grade/collect objective data. As OT’s and educators we rely on metrics and objective data to drive goal setting and lesson planning. This tool definitely provides opportunities to start simple and increase the physical and cognitive demands of projects.
  5. FUN!! One of the best qualities of this machine is its ability to deliver accessible engagement for all makers. The Cricut can serve as dedicated workstation for individual use or for more than one maker, assigning partners with complementary skills. Between preparing and loading adhesive mats, providing detail work using a weeding tool, and computer-based designing, there are ways to reach makers in every category.

Level II OTA intern Marissa Alphonse from Macomb Community College used the Cricut to create beautiful cards and to provide precision cutting of fabric, making brightly colored and textured balls (pictured above). She developed a highly detailed and organized activity analysis, to share with anyone interested in learning more about how to get started with this amazing tool. See link below. Thank you Marissa!!

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