A “Boom”ing Trend: OT’s and educators making and selling custom digital task cards!

We discovered this hidden gem when searching for ways to create meaningful interactive therapy sessions for our students without the benefit of having direct contact with them. Our dedicated OTA intern Carlie Rentz from Macomb Community College made it happen during her non-traditional fieldwork placement this spring!

Boom cards are digital task cards that provide immediate auditory and visual feedback for users. They are engaging, interactive, and self-grading! You can create slides for your lessons directly on the site or you can create them in PowerPoint and add the interactive features later in the studio.

Here are few examples from Carlie’s custom deck for teaching and reinforcing how to do laundry!

There are no-cost options for creating boom cards as well as different levels of membership with a variety of benefits. For $35 per year, you can upload and sell your cards on Teachers Pay Teachers or directly on the Boom Card website https://wow.boomlearning.com/ https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/

Digital task cards may offer a way for educators and therapists to collect data, create custom lessons with photographs from local destinations or of local products, and work with students and clients virtually.

Some ideas from a transition perspective: Grocery aisles, workplace signs, public transportation schedules, stops, and landmarks, reading pay stubs, nutrition labels, reading receipts., etc.

I’m always looking for ways to incorporate social-emotional learning within traditional OT sessions. My custom decks would address empathy, self-awareness, and coping skills with direct connections to pre-vocational scenarios my students would encounter in our lab or the workplace! Thank you so much Carlie for delving into this project for our department!!

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